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New job.

New school.

New friends.


"Finding myself in the minority in a sea of human beings who speak languages foreign to me, who live in a million ways differently from me, lives completely unconnected to mine, I no longer feel so important or big. But maybe by connecting myself to timeless places like Rome, and joining the invisible register of visitors who have stood where I stand, I enlarge myself. Maybe by being part of a massive whole, I'm not so insignificant after all, and as my perspective grows, so does my world."
-Shannalee T'Koy in Becoming History



typography love from chictype

Sketchbook project

just got this in the email.
i am determined to postmark it before the deadline. my own deadline is january 14. i promise (to no other than myself)  that this shall be achieved no matter what.


i'm feeling too lazy to make my own wallpaper, so i googled some. then i realized that is also a lot of work. thankfully, i came across this desktop wallpaper project with a whole load of really schnazzy wallpapers! these are some samples above. now i don't know what to choose.
for now, this is what i have, utilizing a wallpaper from this site and adding some text to it.

the quote, i found while googling for wallpaper at chictype. now i am looking through all these wonderful fonts and texts. oh boy, this is never ending. more compilations for later

celebrating arnold

it is nice to see arnold back on the big screen. he has been one of my biggest heroes since forever.

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